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August 27, 2008

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Stretches for correcting anterior pelvic tilt.

August 26, 2008

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Time Goes By – What It’s Really Like to Get Older

August 25, 2008

More Links

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Interesting charter schools in Denver:

Denver School of Science and Technology
Pioneer Charter School
Skyland Community High School
Academy of Urban Learning

Just some links I’m posting to keep track of them.

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YouTube interviews with sex workers – from Feministe

Transphobic words and deeds – from Questioning Transphobia

Wite-Magik Attax – from The Unapologetic Mexican

How to Tell People They Sound Racist video:

– from Ill Doctrine via The Angry Black Woman

Turn That Douchehound Upside Down – from Sweet Machine on Shapely Prose

Men Who Explain Things – by Rebecca Solnit, from the LA Times

Edit: Gah! I keep forgetting that I have to click the HTML tab if I want to actually write any HTML. 😛

August 11, 2008

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On the one hand, I have not been updating this blog.

On the other hand, I do keep thinking, “Ooh, I want to write about that on the blog!” And then thinking, “But no, I should do work…”

…and then DOING WORK!

Omgwtfbbq? I iz responsible grown-up?

(Pos’bly I iz just livin in apartmint wit no internets.)

August 7, 2008

Migratory Birds

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When I got up at 7:30 yesterday morning, Kevin was passed-out in his sleeping bag on the floor of the living room.  Over the course of the rest of the day, he proceeded to do the following things:

1) Get out of sleeping bag. Walk into bedroom. Fall asleep in bed, on top of covers, for rest of the morning.

2) Get out of bed.  Walk into living room.  Fall asleep on couch with feet sticking off the end for most of the afternoon.

3) Get up from couch. Return to bedroom. Fall back asleep on bed.

At about 7pm, he got up to hang around the kitchen, make tea and talk about feminism with me for about an hour until I left for dinner.

At 10pm, he called me at Ashvin’s to ask if I thought we could break into the house upstairs and steal their dog.  (The family left for a two week vacation a few days ago and left the puppy alone in the house – it’s been crying and whining and barking its poor brains out ever since.)

At around midnight, I went to sleep and Kevin left to forage for food.  When I got out of the shower this morning, he had re-materialized, asleep, in the newly vacated bed.  I believe he’s there now.

At some point, we will be awake at the same time – and maybe then we’ll finally go grocery shopping.  Meanwhile, I’m going home to take a nap…

August 6, 2008

Don’t think twice, it’s alright.

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A’ight. I’m going to try and update this really regularly even if I have nothing to say, just to get myself back in the habit of daily writing. Let’s see, can I even remember how to write inane “What I Did With my Summer Vacation” journal-style entries…?

I’m, uh, sitting at a coffee shop. It’s called Under the Umbrella. It’s about two blocks from my house. All the artwork etc. is umbrella-themed, but it manages to not be terribly cheesy for all that. The atmosphere’s a little more welcoming than Michaelangelo’s (which was the coffeeshop where I used to go work when I was living at the Baker house.) But they aren’t open as late. Which is probably fine, since Mike’s often had The Worst Open Mic Evar going on after about 8 anyway.

Yesterday, I walked to Colfax – which is about three blocks in the opposite direction – and discovered that Split Lip Rayfield is playing at the Bluebird two days after the boys get back from Ecuador. Score. Also walked to The Shoppe to buy Nievie a celebratory Graduation/Awesome New Job cupcake, and checked out the local gym which I think I am going to join. The membership is a bit pricey ($80/mo) but there’s no contract required, and since I’m only going to be here one more month and will be extremely busy during that month, it seems worth it to have something so close by.

Plus, the place is just beautiful and brand new and has all kinds of classes and shiny state-of-the-art equipment. I really love working out and I know the thing that usually prevents me from doing it is that I decide I can’t justify the time/hassle required to get to and from the gym in the middle of my workday. So, working from home and having a really pleasant place to exercise nearby will be awesome. It could only be more perfect if it had a swimming pool… Maybe I can go use Ashvin’s.

What else? Kevin and I tried to get a Residential Parking Pass for August’s car yesterday but were foiled by Denver City Bureaucracy. Nievie came over last night and we sat around the living-room sharing a bottle of wine with Kevin, who had just gotten back from his “It’s not a date!” date with Fiona and was being all adorable and giddy (“I’m not giddy!”) about it. Woke up this morning, coded a file, ate some yogurt, got a voicemail from Eric that he’s in Reno doing Pisten-Bully training, came down here to use the internets, found an e-mail from Jay saying the arrived in Quito safely, made weekend plans with Michelle and Metz, and updated this here bloggery thing. All very exciting.

Hanging out with Becky and Ash tonight. Supposedly having a small dinner party tomorrow night – so I guess we should go buy some food, and some stuff to cook it in. Friday, my friend Hally from McMurdo is in town, and we’re having dinner with her and then going to the Roller Derby. My Dad comes in Saturday and stays through Monday morning. I guess we are going to go try and check out the new Farmer’s Market at 29th Street on Sunday. Ytf are they having a Farmer’s Market at the stupid mall?

That’s it, I guess. Life is busy as always. Hasn’t quite hit the Totally Hectic flashpoint yet – but I expect that will happen about eight days before I deploy. I’m gonna go do some work now.

August 5, 2008


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New blog. ‘Cause, y’know, I don’t have enough blogs. But this one is going to be just for friends. Not in the sense that it’ll be private or locked or anything, just that I won’t link it anywhere very public or give the address out to people I don’t know. But please feel free to share it with any friends and family who want to keep in touch.

I feel like the tone of frozenfoxtale changed a lot when it got lj-spotlighted and overrun by friendly strangers with questions about penguins. Don’t get me wrong – I feel very fortunate that so many random people enjoy reading my scribbles. It motivates me to write, feeds my ego, and I fully intend to keep updating over there with Informative Posts About the Antarctic Experience Illustrated by Other Peoples’ Photography.

The problem is the change in tone necessary to appeal to a broader audience made my posts more impersonal. I feel like that, plus the influx of comments, made the journal less accessible to people who actually knew and cared about me. In gaining an ‘audience,’ I lost a space to connect with far-away friends, to share what I’m up to and what’s really on my mind – regardless of whether it’s related to penguins or is appropriate for/interesting to grandparents. And while Facebook is nice ‘n’ all, it’s fairly static. There’s only so much communication you can have via Scramble.

Nor will this be the blog-qua-participation-in-politically-active-online-community that I tried to start at the beginning of the summer. Hopefully that one will come into being eventually, and this one may end up containing formative elements of it (as does frozenfoxtale, since I can’t just NOT talk about politics at all), but I want to keep this space a little closer to me than that I intend with that one. This is for you and me.

The best thing I’ve gotten out of my time spent at home has been the feeling of becoming really tied into a community of loved ones that I want to commit to and maintain strong connections with. I have some conflicted feelings about going to Antarctica because of this – but, nevertheless, I’m going. Meanwhile, many of you are also departing for various far-flung corners of the globe (or live there already.) However, I have huge faith in the power of the internet – and of personal blogs specifically – to extend the day-to-day life of relationships across great distances. It’s not nearly as good as sharing a pizza, a cigarette or a hug. But it’s better than a lot of things.

Why not just e-mail, write letters or post-cards, make phone calls, or send carepackages? I’m going to do all those things, and hope you will as well. But I’m blogging too. And hope you will as well.

Thus: Blog!

Blog, meet friends.

Friends, meet blog.

If you want to know what I’m up to lately, read away. If you see your name in the blogroll to the right, that’s because I am keeping up with you. If you have a blog, Flickr page, or other regularly updated online presence that you don’t see listed, let me know where it is so that I can add it!

How many more times can I say ‘blog’ in this post? Blog. Blog. Blog. Blog. Blog blog blog blog blog. Blog!


(*Oh yeah, and I finally bit the bullet and moved to WordPress, which should make Ashvin happy. I haven’t had time to play with it much yet, but still, it’s so pretty!)

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