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August 6, 2008

Don’t think twice, it’s alright.

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A’ight. I’m going to try and update this really regularly even if I have nothing to say, just to get myself back in the habit of daily writing. Let’s see, can I even remember how to write inane “What I Did With my Summer Vacation” journal-style entries…?

I’m, uh, sitting at a coffee shop. It’s called Under the Umbrella. It’s about two blocks from my house. All the artwork etc. is umbrella-themed, but it manages to not be terribly cheesy for all that. The atmosphere’s a little more welcoming than Michaelangelo’s (which was the coffeeshop where I used to go work when I was living at the Baker house.) But they aren’t open as late. Which is probably fine, since Mike’s often had The Worst Open Mic Evar going on after about 8 anyway.

Yesterday, I walked to Colfax – which is about three blocks in the opposite direction – and discovered that Split Lip Rayfield is playing at the Bluebird two days after the boys get back from Ecuador. Score. Also walked to The Shoppe to buy Nievie a celebratory Graduation/Awesome New Job cupcake, and checked out the local gym which I think I am going to join. The membership is a bit pricey ($80/mo) but there’s no contract required, and since I’m only going to be here one more month and will be extremely busy during that month, it seems worth it to have something so close by.

Plus, the place is just beautiful and brand new and has all kinds of classes and shiny state-of-the-art equipment. I really love working out and I know the thing that usually prevents me from doing it is that I decide I can’t justify the time/hassle required to get to and from the gym in the middle of my workday. So, working from home and having a really pleasant place to exercise nearby will be awesome. It could only be more perfect if it had a swimming pool… Maybe I can go use Ashvin’s.

What else? Kevin and I tried to get a Residential Parking Pass for August’s car yesterday but were foiled by Denver City Bureaucracy. Nievie came over last night and we sat around the living-room sharing a bottle of wine with Kevin, who had just gotten back from his “It’s not a date!” date with Fiona and was being all adorable and giddy (“I’m not giddy!”) about it. Woke up this morning, coded a file, ate some yogurt, got a voicemail from Eric that he’s in Reno doing Pisten-Bully training, came down here to use the internets, found an e-mail from Jay saying the arrived in Quito safely, made weekend plans with Michelle and Metz, and updated this here bloggery thing. All very exciting.

Hanging out with Becky and Ash tonight. Supposedly having a small dinner party tomorrow night – so I guess we should go buy some food, and some stuff to cook it in. Friday, my friend Hally from McMurdo is in town, and we’re having dinner with her and then going to the Roller Derby. My Dad comes in Saturday and stays through Monday morning. I guess we are going to go try and check out the new Farmer’s Market at 29th Street on Sunday. Ytf are they having a Farmer’s Market at the stupid mall?

That’s it, I guess. Life is busy as always. Hasn’t quite hit the Totally Hectic flashpoint yet – but I expect that will happen about eight days before I deploy. I’m gonna go do some work now.



  1. In order for you to use this mythic pool, we would have to find it first. I’m almost beginning to doubt its existence.

    Comment by anthurium — August 7, 2008 @ 11:43 pm | Reply

  2. I’ve seen it, I swear!!

    Comment by thirdxlucky — August 8, 2008 @ 7:03 pm | Reply

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