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August 25, 2008

Just some links I’m posting to keep track of them.

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YouTube interviews with sex workers – from Feministe

Transphobic words and deeds – from Questioning Transphobia

Wite-Magik Attax – from The Unapologetic Mexican

How to Tell People They Sound Racist video:

– from Ill Doctrine via The Angry Black Woman

Turn That Douchehound Upside Down – from Sweet Machine on Shapely Prose

Men Who Explain Things – by Rebecca Solnit, from the LA Times

Edit: Gah! I keep forgetting that I have to click the HTML tab if I want to actually write any HTML. 😛


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  1. You should get a tumblr. It’s a new kind of blog that is more geared toward posting short entries, such as links. Not that there’s anything with posting links in your regular blog, but I think it’s useful to differentiate various types of content. Actually, I just wrote about tumblrs in my blog, but I’m sort of assuming you don’t have time to keep up with everyone all the time. ( – :

    Also, I strongly dislike the “visual editor” tab too.

    Comment by ann — November 22, 2008 @ 7:28 pm | Reply

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