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January 30, 2009

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They just fired one of my closest friends down here.

More later maybe. They’ve been threatening to fire anybody who blogs about it, too. Blah blah blah.



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Two Punkass posts on classism to read when I have a second:

Wanting Pleasure, Living Poor, Spending Anyway

I’m Broke, Not Poor

Also this, just because it looks entertaining:

Horrors, I’ve Been Going About It Wrong the Whole Time!

Right now, I’m trying to track down a post I remember reading sometime in the past couple of months about a woman who had made a commitment with one of her male co-workers to retain salary transparency with each other throughout their careers – and encouraging others to do the same.

I’d like to forward it to my step-mom (who has three daughters at or around professional-career-starting age) in reply to a link she sent me about the passing of the Fair Pay Act. If anyone is reading this and knows the post I’m talking about (or even remember whose blog it was from), could you link me? Thanks!

January 29, 2009

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Sad. Sick. Angry.

January 27, 2009


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Incite! – Women of Color Against Violence

And: Incite! Denver Chapter

January 26, 2009


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I want to acknowledge the absence of links in that list related to Israel/Palestine. It’s not that I haven’t been reading about it. It’s that, on the one hand, it seems so simple and, on the other hand, online discussions around it seem so huge, complex, historically fraught and basically minefield-esque that I’m a little overwhelmed/intimidated to get into them, even in a reading capacity. That’s no excuse to block it out of my consciousness, or my blog, though – so here have been my major access points:

I first heard about the attacks on Gaza here: Witness at flipfloppingjoy and I have followed her coverage and links.

Violet has a post and comment thread up at Punkass.

Right now, I’m reading this: What We Talk About (And Don’t Talk About) When We Talk About (And Don’t Talk About) antisemitism and Israel.

Link Smorgasbord

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Okay, fuck it. I’m just going to start writing stuff here.

I’m transitioning back to Nightshift. This time, it’s wreaking havoc with my body temperature for some reason. Sometimes, I’m colder than usual; other times, I’m sweating. I never sweat down here unless I’m working out. Right now, I’m sitting in the Computer Kiosk in a tank top. The fact that I’m also on my period, getting over a cold, and chronically sleep-deprived are probably all contributing factors. Still, this is weird.

Every time I transition, I get all excited because it means an extra day off. I make big plans for all the things I’m going to read and write, e-mails I’ll catch up on, scribblings that I’ll distill into blog posts, videos I’ll finally watch and articles I’ll read more thoroughly. I forget that the reason we get a Transition Day is because suddenly doing an 180° pirouette through your circadian rhythms tends to turn the brain into zombie-goo. That’s a technical term. Keri says she got so used to it, being a nurse, that she can switch shifts on the spot now with no need for readjustment time. I’m not quite there yet. Still, it’s been easier this time than last. I’ve blasted my digestive system with slightly less caffeiene and I feel ready to function at work tomorrow.

I did spend about five hours today gorging myself on many of the blog posts and extended tendrils of bloggification that I’ve been trying but failing to sneak in behind my boss’s back at work. I want to, like, say stuff about them, since participating in the dialogue is largely the point of having a (or, at least, this) blog… But 1) I’m not sure how much I retained enough to respond to with any clarity and B) the sense I’m getting is that I’m still in a space where, especially around issues of racism, colonialism, violence, and cultural appropriation (which is primarily what I’ve been immersing myself in), what I need to be doing most right now is sitting quietly and listening.

So, for the time being, I’m just going to post a jumbled load of links here that I’ve been e-mailing myself or otherwise collecting over the past several weeks – posts I found interesting, eye-opening, clarifying, helpful or painful; essays I want to read or re-read when I’m more coherent; artists, musicians, authors, bloggers, publications I was drawn to or made curious about; incomplete conversations that I want to keep following; things I’m not sure what to think about; sites and spaces that I’d like to explore more fully. This is mostly to keep all of this stuff in one place for myself, but if anyone else is reading this and finds any of these links helpful, interesting, or clickworthy themselves, sweet. If you have other links you’d like to point me at, even sweeter!

Linkitty Link Link Links…

What is Cultural Appropriation – conversation on The Angry Black Woman.

Should We Burn Babar? – Blurb on a book about the political aspects of children’s literature.

“Politically iffy books and growing up just fine” – LJ post on Twilight and gender politics, problematic literature, “the best remedy for bad speech is more speech.”

Media Assassin – Harry Allen’s blog
Wikipedia: Harry Allen (journalist) – “Harry Allen is a hip hop activist and journalist affiliated with the legendary group Public Enemy, and is the director of the Rhythm Cultural Institute.”

“Leaders of the New Cool” – Complex Magazine’s issue on “Hipster Rap”.
(Jay Smooth’s video on hipster rap. I really liked this..)

Incredible Juju – Sparkle’s blog, via comments on flipfloppingjoy.

PostBourgie – “is a running, semi-orderly conversation about class and politics and media and gender and whatever else we can think of.”

make/shift: feminisms in motion – Magazine started by Jessica Hoffman (bfp’s collaborator on (re)thinking walking).

(re)thinking walking – at This project has been blowing my mind in a really amazing way and I’m so excited about its future.

How Not to Be Insane When Accused of Racism (A Guide for White People) – by Ampersand on Alas! A blog.

RWOC Theorists PT 7: Paula X. Rojas – Rojas’ essay on radical organizing, “Are the Cops in Our Heads and Our Hearts?”

Self-Care and Activist Burnout – at Angry Black-White Girl

Stuff White People Do – “I’m a white guy, trying to find out what that means. Especially the “white” part.” White Weekend Links.

Waking Up – “So, I’m starting this blog to talk about my experience in navigating this world as someone who is white, queer and trans. … I want to share my experiences in recognizing my own privilege.”

Flooring and Whoring: sex, drugs, and construction. in your face. – “This is a place a needed to make to write about all the shit I think about – mainly the sex industry and my involvement in it, various sorts of anti-oppression/not-being-an-asshole-ism, and my on and off employment in random construction trades.”

Sixteen Maneuvers to Avoid Really Dealing with Racism – on Feministe. Read this a long time ago, just stumbled across it again, want to keep it somewhere accessible for regular rereading. Really helpful and great comment thread. Also my first exposure to…

Nezua’s Wite-Magik Attax – at The Unapologetic Mexican.

“I’d Rather Be a Whore Than an Academic – written by anonymous PhD’d sex worker.

“The White Liberal Conundrum” – essay on white liberal politics and radical anti-racism, with lots of good links to resources. Including…

Preview of Coming Attractions – “Some days you about claw your own eyes out trying to put that [white] lens back on. Like a relationship you know is no good for you that you nonetheless return to occasionally for familiarity, for comfort, or for sex, so is that lens. But you can’t revive that dead relationship and you can’t seem to make that lens grow back to its original size, either.”

Restructure! – I don’t actually know what this blog is yet, but now I want to. Primarily because of this: “How Whites Benefit from Fighting White Privilege pt. 1”

826 Valencia – Super awesome non-profit writing center founded in San Francisco dedicated to helping and encouraging school-age kids with their writing.
826 National – And their national organization.

Writer’s Series – UIC Chicago’s not-for-credit online writing seminars.

The Grant Institute – Los Angeles grantwriting seminar.

Academic Ronin – “Commentary on and resources for independent scholarship.”

I’m not entirely sure how trackbacks work and I should have been in bed half-an-hour ago, so I’ll come back and sort that out tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I have been playing a fun game with Facebook where, whenever ads related to weight loss appear in my pop-up bar, I tag them as “Offensive”. I started doing this just because I was sick of having all these weird, triggery, “let me seductively reveal my perfectly flat, white belly for you” pictures in my peripheral vision while I was just trying to read about my friends having the caffeine jitters, or breaking up with their boyfriends, or getting kitties.

But it’s been interesting to see Facebook’s response to this – at first, I started getting wedding-related ads instead. When I tagged those “Irrelevant,” I got ads for “Curious? Hot Girl on Girl Action!” type “dating” sites instead. “Offensive.” This got me ads for Gay Marriage Rights t-shirts, Gay Cruise vacations, and…AC/DC. I wonder how many times and how vigilantly I’d have to downgrade ads to get them to stop giving me gender/sexuality-targeted ads, period.

It’s probably impossible. If I go a few days without clicking, Facebook starts spamming me with eleven different kinds of weight-loss products again. But for the time being, they’re just trying to sell me a Blackberry…

January 20, 2009

in medias res

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Fuck it. I’m just going to start writing here. Composition is better than freewriting – but freewriting is better than no writing.

Deconstructing hegemonic identity categories, as a move toward social justice as opposed to an act of intellectual masturbation, isn’t about negating peoples’ identities. The deconstruction of heteronormativity isn’t about denying peoples’ sexualities, it’s about making it so that no one way of being sexual is “correct,” prefered or privileged. Deconstructing gender isn’t about telling individual people that their genders aren’t “real”, it’s about there being no one right way to be gendered, no hierarchy of genders. Deconstructing race isn’t about invalidating raced experiences, histories and identities…

…But there is, regardless, a danger of it doing just that. Political-sloganesque oversimplification of these ideas i.e. “there’s no such thing as race” or “everyone is bisexual” describe a deconstruction that is about (or at least callous towards) invalidating individual human identities – and one that suggests ways of enacting it that, in fact, can and do erase the lived experiences of real people.

This is kind of a ‘duh’ moment for me. Both these things – especially the first one – seem like stuff that I should already know. It’s stuff that seems foundational to a radical justice-oriented politics. And, on one level, I have known it for as long as I’ve been an activist – but, on another level, there’s been some kind of tension that resists knowing it…

In other words, I’ve always known that deconstruction is a complex, potentially-explosive spell – but I’d never taken the time before to work through and articulate what that means for me insofar as I am privileged. I’d letting it manifest internally as uncomfortable “confusing” cognitive dissonance, instead of actually facing it directly.

Allowing myself to stay ignorant has made it easier to cling to all kinds of artifacts of privilege – including ones related to cultural appropriation; and to a subconscious belief that, even though the selfhood that cares about justice wants to believe I would never do it, I can still dominate or negate other peoples’ experiences (especially those with less class privilege than myself) by throwing around fancy words and concepts – one of Nezua‘s Wite-Magik Attax.

Reading Asa’s Coming Out Day post and Violet’s comments in the thread brought a lot of this (and other stuff) up for me. I may or may not write more later – but anyway, that’s a shitty thing about myself that I’ve been doing a lot of processing through over the past month or so…

But the fact that I just had this totally “duh” moment today – one of those where I realized something that seemed like such an epiphany was actually just something that should have been blatantly obvious all along, that other people have probably TOLD me a million times, that I’ve probably even said to other people myself without really understanding what I was saying – makes me think the process is working a little. That makes me feel good and hopeful.

Blah blah blah.

Oh, and look, I’m posting something! However inchoate. That’s usually a good sign that things are flowing rather than sticking.

Also: The only reason I know what “in medias res” means is because of an episode of My So-Called Life. 😛

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