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February 4, 2009

I’m posting a lot today, I guess.

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More stuff to read more of later… AKA
Here Is A Bucket. I Am Throwing Links Into It.


FAQ: What’s wrong with saying that things happen to men, too? – “also known as a “Patriarchy Hurts Men, Too” or PHMT argument, or a “What About The Mens?” or WATM argument.”

(Of all the rhetorical tactics people use to derail conversations about oppression, probably nothing makes me personally more aggravated than this one and its corrollaries. And by “aggravated” I mean that responding to/interrupting, “I’ve been raped and-” with “Yeah, but MEN get raped too! All the time!” is one of very few things in the world that can make me feel like my eyes are turning red, steam is about to shoot out my ears, and I must bite my tongue to keep from simply shouting, “FUCK YOU! SHUT UP!! WHY CAN’T YOU LISTEN!?” before breaking down in tears and giving up completely.

It’s nice to have an articulated explanation of why this argument is so frustrating! (Far more articulate than “fuck you, shut up, i hate your stupid head!” for sure.) Both for my own clarity and as something to link folks to when I don’t have the energy to explain why the thing they just said makes my head feel like exploding.)

On Thin Privilege – by guestblogger Volcanista at Shapely Prose.

I want to read, or at least skim, the (HUGE) comment thread on this post because…it’s fluffy and loving and I think it would be good brain-medicine. Lately, I’ve sort of stopped keeping track of Shapely Prose – which I used to read religiously; in fact, I think it might be the very first radical political blog I read religiously because, well, it was such good brain-medicine. But – despite a few small efforts to change this, or at least a few discussions about how they’d like to change this – it also feels like a very white*, “Feminist,” class-privileged space and…although I still think what Kate & Co. are doing for some fat folks, especially some fat women, in that space is amazing, and I consider it a great resource when talking to people about FA, and I’m super appreciative of the way they revolutionized my psyche around body-image, it’s…just not where I’m at right now. (I kinda think it’s not where they’re at either, hence the drop-off in posting.)

Still, I have clearly not sorted out this particular mess in my head (quelle shock) and – regardless of whether my larger sense of social justice believes that it’s a privileged self-indulgence to get wrapped up to the point of distraction in my angsty white cis-girl body-image issues – on days when some triggering bullshit makes me get all self-destructo-wacky, I’m really grateful that there’s this safe place I can go for a minute where people will say, it’s okay baby, hey, it’s going to be okay.

(*I still haven’t been able to put my finger on it exactly, but something about Kate’s fairly patronizing Letter to Oprah and the subsequent comment thread especially wigged me out.)

The Thinking Man’s Circle Jerk – This is pretty funny (patheticfunny) and there are some good links off this that I want to pursue when I am…


No, seriously.


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