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February 6, 2009


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Thoughts on Men and RapeJim Hines.
I collect links like these – men talking to other men about feminism. Some interesting (interesting as in god I hate people) description here of his going around to male dorms and fraternities to talk about rape.

Don’t be that guy.Synecdochic.
One woman’s answer to “What do you want from me!?” Long with long comment thread, to read more of later.

Margaret and Helen – “Best Friends for Sixty Years and Counting.”
Currently reviewing Ann Coulter’s book Guilty. (I’m a little nervous about this – I’m always a little nervous when Ann Coulter comes up – due to this not-exactly-shocking phenomenon where some Liberals attack Conservative female political figures (especially Ann Coulter and Sarah Palin) by throwing a lot of misogynist bullshit around and other Liberals – including many people who get up in arms about similar sexism toward Hillary Clinton – turn a blind eye to it. Still, my intial skimming indicates not too much of this and I have heard their review is hilarious.)

5 Pound Fat Belt -“Let everyone in your group feel what five extra pounds of fat feels like.”
What the fuck, over? Is this some kind of fetish thing? Because, if it were, this would at least make sense on some level – but I’m pretty sure it’s not. God I hate people.


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