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February 8, 2009

Check it.

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I was just skimming back over the results of my massive sudden posting spree and I noticed something. Other than the fact that I have major verbal-diarrhea…

I use the word “crazy” a lot. “Insane” is pretty common too. And in very few of these instances am I actually discussing mental health, disability, or pleas made by defendents in a court of law. Almost exclusively, I use “crazy” to mean “bad” or “screwed up” or to refer to something I don’t understand and/or can’t countenance…

brownfemipower and others have been writing some things lately about recognizing and respecting psychological disability in a similar way to physical disability. This isn’t an idea that’s new to me, and largely it’s one that I accept, but it’s apparently not one I’ve fully internalized as evidenced by my inconsiderate choice of language.

This sucks because a lot of people I care about, including some people in my family (not to mention possibly myself…) are people for whom “being crazy” is a real thing which significantly impacts their lives, or the lives of their loved ones, or probably will do in the future. And all of those people have access to the Internet.

At some point, I’d like to be able to write some things here about mental health and disability and privilege and my relationship with my mother. For the sake of my own psychological well-being, I think “craziness” and my deep-seeded fear around it is something I need to excavate and process more fully…

But for the time being, I just need to be a little more conscious and cut that shit out. To anyone who might be reading this who I’ve hurt or pissed off by being insensitive, I apologize.


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