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February 8, 2009

Linkbucket Etc.

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The Politics of Wizards and Vampires – comparative analysis of the politics implicit in Harry Potter vs. Twilight on Racialicious.

going around in (Venn-diagram) circles – at Taking Steps. I want to follow this conversation.

When I have some time and energy to write:

* I want to drawn an extended analogy between a) contemporary beliefs about the relationship between fat, health, and moral virtue and b) early Puritan/Protestant beliefs about the relationship between wealth, sinfulness and being saved.

* I want to write about why the Argument from Darwinian Authority fails to compel me in the same way that the Argument from Biblical Authority fails to do so. (Specifically related to (OMGKILL) conversations about whether rape is a biological imperative.) I might actually write on this for Jay’s blog. But somebody else needs to freakin’ write something first, because I was the last person to post there and the last thing I posted was stupid long.

Hm. I wonder why all my good ephiphanies of the past couple of days have to do with Christian theology. Brain heuristics are weird…

Well, I guess not all of them. I’ve had a couple related to bisexuality’s location within the kyriarchy. Those are still formulating though…

Sometimes I think I write more about what I’m going to write, am writing, wish I were writing, haven’t written etc. than I do ‘actual’ (aka non-meta?) writing. BLAH.


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