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March 12, 2009

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I am posting this purely to derail any further use of the excuse that “I haven’t posted in x amount of time – so I can’t post NOW unless I have something GOOD to say!”

I met my brother’s girlfriend! His first serious girlfriend ever. She’s a PhD Chemistry student. And the very first thing she did was take all of us out to a yummy vegan restaurant regardless of the fact that nobody in the group, including herself, is vegan. She has an article posted on her fridge about how CalTech is working to increase the proportion of women undergraduates. Today Keenan told me about how much, in just the few months they’ve been dating, she’s opened his eyes to the kinds of obstacles faced by women scientists that, as a man, he’s never had to deal with or even imagined. Tonight we watched The Worst Witch (definitely passes the Bechdel Test) and Legend (definitely does not) at her house. Also, she has a cat named Cat and makes a mean cocktail. So far, this person definitely gets the Older Sister Stamp of Approval. (And I’m pretty proud of my kid bro, too.)

I just found out that someone I know from when I was in Ireland is publishing a YA fantasy novel. That’s exciting.

Whitney and I are driving up the Coast starting on Tuesday! I should perhaps do a little more planning for this than I have already…

August is flying out here tomorrow – well, today now. It’s our anniversary this weekend. Eleventh. Whoa. Thus, I should really be asleep right now.

I was up ’til 6am yesterday and slept ’til 3 this afternoon. Jetlag, being sick, and sudden unlimited free access to the Internet make for a wacky sleep schedule…


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