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March 16, 2009

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Excerpted from something I recently wrote elsewhere:

Right now, the geographical place that feels most like home is Denver. Odd, since that’s the place I’ve spent the least time living since I graduated. But Denver’s really grown on me in the past few years. Something about the city just clicks. I never would have expected it. Considering we were less than half an hour’s drive away, it’s surprising how little time my friends spent there as kids. The occasional rock concert or school field trip, the extremely rare excursion to some all ages goth club or hipster coffee shop, this or that indie film that wasn’t screening in Boulder, and once or twice we probably went to the Zoo. Always a mission. In and out. We didn’t know the place. It was a hulking, nondescript metropolitan mass on the fuzzy horizon of my adolescent consciousness. Nothing compared to the glamorous coastal cities, or to Chicago or, say, London. It sure as hell wasn’t New York. It was “just Denver.” The town next door.

In college I made new friends, several of whom were Denverites, and many of my old friends also moved Denverwards – it being more affordable and less heterogenously bubble-like than Boulder. I started spending more time there, getting to know the place, discovering restaurants I liked, navigating bus routes, sleeping on couches, visiting the Library, taking long meandering inebriated rambles through downtown streets, making memories. Then I spent most of last summer living within walking distance of the city center.

I don’t know when the shift happened. It was gradual. But I started to notice if I went out of town, even just to Boulder for a few days, that upon my return seeing the shiny Capitol dome, or the concert marquees lining Colfax, or the stupid Qwest building fluorescing blue over everything…would make me feel inexplicably elated. As if a bad day here must be better than a good day anywhere else. I don’t get that feeling about many places – and it’s never snuck up on me like that before. Sure the city has its drawbacks and its problems; it’s a city. But it’s a city that I managed to fall in love with while I was busy making other plans.


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