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March 16, 2009

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Yesterday, I was helping a couple of friends move a three-person bicycle rig out of the back of their truck when something occurred to me:

Whenever I’m involved in lifting or moving something heavy and doing so isn’t painfully difficult, I assume it’s because I’m not carrying my share of the weight. I figure the work seems easy because I’m not giving it my all and because the other lifters are strong while I am weak. The thing must feel especially light to me because it feels especially heavy to them; I only appear to be offering support, at most I’m providing an additional point of balance, at worst getting in everybody else’s way…

It never occurs to me that sometimes sharing the work between many people really does make it easy on everybody.

Or that, even when I am weak where others are strong, providing extra balance is not an irrelevant contribution.

This does not, however, deter me from wanting to get stronger. But maybe I should focus my energy on doing that, rather than worrying about it.

One way to get stronger is by helping to lift heavy objects.

We got the bike on the ground and rode it to church, where we drank sangria and sang the praises of nothing in particular, and then there was cake.


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