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March 17, 2009

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Soooo…I had this plan where I was going to bed at 11.

And instead, I seem to have spent six straight hours reading RaceFail links…

$6/hr Internet and blogreading don’t mix, so I was away from the blogosphere for about three weeks and…Holy Fuckin’ Mahoney!

I’m still not even close to caught up. Hell, I’d link ‘RaceFail’ to something but I’m not even sure where to start. Lots of notes and links and thoughts scribbled haphazardly in my little box, but they’ll have to be sorted into something comprehensible later because, seriously, sleep must happen.

I’m not sure trying to digest the whole thing in one night is advisable, anyway. I’m of two minds – well, really, two stomachs. One says, “This is totally overwhelming. OMG there’s so MUCH going on, and so much of that seems Vitally Important, and there’s fractalization, nuance and complexity here that I’ll never be able to keep up with or wrap my mind around much less participate meaningfully in, fuck it, I’m going to spin around and around and around like a dying videogame character until I fall over, maybe i can bury my head in the sand…mommy?”

The other goes, “This is totally amazing! There’s so much good stuff happening here, a lot of which is totally beyond my ken. Thank god for all these incredible writers and brilliant people, I feel lucky and inspired to be around them! I want to understand more about what’s going on so that I can hopefully contribute something.” That one’s great.

But for the time being, sleep deprivation is kicking both their butts…

One thing I can say, though: I will never again utter the phrase, “It’s just the Internet.”


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