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March 17, 2009

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Also. (Okay, I lied.) Also. What is up with all these people talking about how this isn’t a productive discussion, and this is the wrong way to go about this, and nothing is coming out of it, and oh isn’t it tragic(ally annoying)?

Is it as simple as White People on the Side of Right telling POC, “We’d listen if you people just used a different tone?

There may be something I’m missing about the context here because I’m not very tied in with online fandom. I get the impression from comments that explosive discussions like this (on this scale?) end up sweeping the community several times a year, in which case I can totally see why POC and allies would feel like it’s a pain in the ass having to go through the same arguments again and again and again. This is clearly a community of creative, talented, conscientious, daring people and it’s bullshit that they’re regularly being cornered into educating a bunch of more-or-less unreceptive white people who can’t pick up a book, rather than spending that energy, y’know, writing.

Still, I do feel like it’s mostly white people saying that this “flamewar” is a waste of breath. Meanwhile, in the past few hours, I’ve read challenging, thought provoking, beautifully written essays and comments by WOC that, while they may not all be explicitly part of the nested RaceFailing, would, perhaps, not have been written without it.

Not to mention you’d have to be willfully not paying attention to miss this. That happened. Is happening, currently, right now.

I suspect that the people in the “Both sides are behaving badly!” camp believe this conflagration has no productive merit because the people involved are just getting angry. I think that’s backwards. People get angry precisely because something is at stake. If people are angry, that means something important is going on.

And when those people are ones who have historically been silenced, their getting angry is, in itself, something important that’s going on.

None of this negates, however, or makes up for the fact that some people were personally threatened, attacked and outed in the fray. That some people are having to worry about the continuance of their careers because they voiced their opinions. That most people are, from the looks of it, exhausted when they have plenty of other stuff on their plates too. That people have felt harassed into having to defend their integrity and even their very existence. That’s some bullshit.

But I think the argument that RaceFail was/is simply a silly flamewar run rampant is clearly ludicrous and probably racist.


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