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April 19, 2009

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Well, it’s Bee Day.

August’s mom and brother have decided to start beekeeping. They’ve been preparing for about six months, building a patio area for the hives, reading up about bee agriculture etc. and today the actual bees have arrived via a giant shipment from Utah.

I did come up to the house at least. I thought about not coming at all, but it’s such a big, exciting moment for everyone involved, I wanted to at least show up and support. I’m happy to help build stuff and paint stuff and do whatever is necessary that doesn’t involve interacting with the actual bees. I thought it might be interesting to at least try and see them, but I started thinking about it in the shower this morning and flipped, so I decided that wasn’t wise. They’re here now, so I’m hiding out in the house.

I’m trying not to freak out. I’m doing okay so far, except that some of August’s relatives think it’s funny to try and push my buttons. Once I started crying in front of one them, and I think he got the point and backed off. The more well-meaning people keep trying to convince me there’s “nothing to be afraid of. They’re fuzzy and friendly!” It’s hard trying to explain to virtual strangers that I’m not afraid of being stung – I’m really not. I’ve been stung before. It’s not that bad. I don’t feel any animosity toward bees. I don’t think they’re going to hurt me. Hell, since “fear pheremones” are supposedly what make them aggressive, I’d probably be a great beekeeper. Except the phrase “ball of bees” makes me feel crazy. It’s not fear it’s…revulsion.

But you don’t tell a bunch of people who are super excited about their new, interesting, community building, eco-friendly project that sticking your hand into a box of bees might as well be the same as sticking your hand into a writhing nest of cockroaches, as far as you’re concerned. That’d just be rude. So, like I said, I’m hiding out in the house and just letting people think I’m a baby who’s terribly afraid of pain.

Ugh. Anyway, theoretically, I do think the whole beekeeping thing is really interesting! Hopefully, once they’re installed in the hive and flying around and doing the things bees are supposed to do (which doesn’t include being stuffed into boxes, trucked across country by the tens of thousands and delivered on your doorstep), I’ll be able to check them out without having panic attack. Yay.


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