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April 19, 2009

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Incidentally, a comment I read on some mental health forum or other yesterday made a good point: If you’re afraid of schizophrenia (which is, I think, really what I lot of people mean when we say “going crazy”), you’re probably not schizophrenic because a) schizophrenics don’t know their hallucinations are hallucinations and b) schizophrenics’ hallucinations don’t tend to inspire fear in themselves; they experience them as normalcy.

However, apparently, fear of schizophrenia is a common symptom of both OCD and various anxiety disorders…
Like I said, a penchant for self-diagnosis plus the Internet is a dangerous thing. 😛

Anyway! Apart from work and a couple of gatherings in Denver, I’ve basically been holed up in Louisville since I got back, so I haven’t been exposed to much of the Boulderiness of Boulder. But it was all made up for yesterday evening. We had possibly one of the Boulderiest nights I’ve ever experienced.

First, we went to see August’s mom’s bluegrass band play. At a fundraiser for Naropa’s preschool. Attractive, well-dressed, affluent hippies perused a silent auction for items like Whole Foods gift certificates and holistic massage therapy, and there was a buffet with compostable plates and cutlery provided by a sustainable catering company and augmented by parents’ donations of good ol’ homecooking i.e. bite-sized samosas, vegan polenta, and KT’s BBQ.

Then we went a few blocks over to the progressive liberal Methodist Church to see my boss’s GALA Women’s Chorus sing. They were performing an epic anti-war cantata based on the words of Gandhi, Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed, originally written for the Portland Gay Men’s Chorus and presented here reworked for womens’ voices by the composer and his partner/librettist. They also sung an Ecuadorian folk tune, a song based on the writings of Rumi, and a James Joyce poem set to music. At intermission, the choir director encouraged us to visit the lobby where we could visit tables set up by the Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center and view blankets, hats, booties etc. made by “Afghans for Afghans,” a group of Boulder-based knitters devoted to making clothes to send to Afghanistan.

I had a small revelation while reading the program notes about all the highly acclaimed and nationally recognized activists involved in the production. It wasn’t about how peace is better than war, mmkay. It was that I don’t want to be involved in the kind of movement where people show their appreciation for your work by giving you awards. I want to be involved in the kind of movement where, when people appreciate your work, they ask you over for dinner and invite you to babysit their kids.

After the concert, we headed to North Boulder for a 4/20-themed “Joint” birthday party hosted by a couple of former CU students. Half of the partygoers were people we knew from the Boulder Polyamory Meetup. We talked about Facebook and OkCupid and how the hostess ended up with a wheelchair that that belongs to the airport, and tried to avoid getting a contact high just from being surrounded by so much potsmoke.

Finally, to top it all off, we drove outside of Boulder to one of its sprawling suburban subdivisions, to drink Lefthand microbrews while playing Wii-MarioKart with a guy who works for Crocs. And his dog.

Um. Whoa.

The thought that was running through my head the whole evening – apart from “Whoa privilege!”, “Mmm…samosas.” and “MarioKart is kinda awesome,” was: Man. It’s a good thing Eric isn’t here for this – he would catch on fire!


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