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May 26, 2009

Facts About Me

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I just stumbled across this in one of my notebooks. I’m sure it was notes for a draft of something I’ll never get around to writing – but I thought it was kind of cute, so I figured I’d just post it raw.

Facts About Me

* I am a (self-diagnosed) manic hypergraphic. It’s a mild case – I’m no Charles Bukowski – but there is a direct correlation for me between the act of writing and my will to live.

* I have some raw talent as a writer, but my only formal training is in analytic philosophy frosted with phenomenology. This means that my writing tends to be obtusely wordy and full of unnecessary qualifiers such as “tends to,” and that I overexplain and then overexplain my overexplanations and then often make meta-commentary on my explanations of my overexplanations. Sometimes I call this “unpacking.” Others might call it “ad nauseum.”

* I don’t think I’m very clever – so when I do say something I think is clever, I get all delighted with myself and want to show it off like a twelve-year-old with a new toy or cool bruise.

* I am very good at investing myself. I am very bad at being “goal-oriented.” My investments almost always pay off, often blossoming in ways I never could have imagined. My “Five Year Plans” are a museum of things that will never happen.

The best thing you can possibly invest yourself in is other people. Having faith in things, ideas or institutions can be a kind of high-stakes gambling, but having faith in people is the best kind of self-fulfilling prophecy.


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