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March 21, 2010

A Thing What I Am Doing OR Gradually Weaning Myself off the Meta-Cycle

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I write a lot of process posts. That’s cool. I get a lot out of other peoples’ process posts and I enjoy reading them. But only processing, and then processing my processing, eventually devolves into the kind of tail-chasing that makes the Internet such a rabbit hole.

So, I could write a bunch of shit here about why, out of all the important social justice issues I could be working on, I’m immersing myself in poly community and poly activism. I could talk about the overwhelming whiteness of my particular poly community – and possibly of poly community in general – and why that’s a problem. I could even take the risk of engaging my very white poly community in a discussion about our whiteness and how we feel about that…

I’d like to do all of these things at some point. I’d like to do a lot of things, including read all the books on my bookcase and learn to play the fiddle. But let’s be honest, I probably won’t.

Instead, given limited time and energy, I thought I might start by researching what resources are out there by, for, and about polyamorous People of Color, and/or for People of Color interested in exploring poly. I’m going to collect them here, with the intention of creating a resource list.

Our poly meetup group is writing a ‘zine they want to put out to the community at large. That might be a good forum to eventually publish it in. And publishing it there could spark some discussion among the white people in our community, as well as hopefully reaching local PoC who it might be useful to.

If you’d like to contribute anything, that’d be awesome.


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