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March 22, 2010

But First!

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I like sex ‘n’ all and variety is the spice of life, sure. But for me, poly is all about the metamours*.

This made my day:

[In which a friend and I are chatting about some people we’re both attracted to.]

HER: So.
HER: I hung out with [X] and…
HER: Best I’ve ever had.
ME: Awesome!
HER: Yeah! So, definitely get on that if you want.
ME: 😀
ME: Hmm. I don’t know. [X] is super cool, but I just got home. I don’t feel ready to dive into anything new just yet.
HER: For sure.
ME: Although I gotta say, after listening to you sing [Z]‘s sexual praises the other night, now every time I see [Z] that’s all I can think about…
ME: It’s very distracting.
HER: 😉
[Fifteen minutes of unrelated chatting about work, summer plans, etc.]
ME: So…tell me what was so awesome about sex with [X].
ME: (I mean, not to pry. :P)
HER: Hehe.
HER: Well…
HER: [Deliciously detailed description.]
HER: [Of ways that [X] rocks in bed.]
HER: [For 40 lines.]
HER: [Including the phrases:]
HER: [“SO. HOT.”]
HER: [and]
HER: [“Oh my gosh.”]
ME: Dude. You should write reviews.

*I hate that word. I just love to share.


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