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March 22, 2010


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I was going to try and start by throwing up links without spewing inchoate critical meta-analysis of them all over the place – but I came up with a question I could use some outside input on:

Should my goal here to be a) to create a list of specifically PoC-oriented poly resources or b) to infuse the existing (commonly accepted if somewhat inchoate) list of (largely white) poly resources with more content by/for/about PoCs?

It seems like the former isn’t really my prerogative. Because…my goal as an ally isn’t to “help” poly People of Color; it’s to make white poly spaces less overwhelmingly white, more inclusive, respectful and friendly?

I also just feel like I’m kind of wandering around the Internet right now, doing more self-education than anything. But that’s gotta happen. Not only is it the fundament of radical action, that’s also how you do a literature search. 😉

Here’s a fairly 101-level discussion of intersectionality and poly: Why Queer Feminist Multi-Cultural Family Values are Important to Us All. It’s a speech given at the 1998 LovingMore retreat by Loraine Hutchens, the (white bisexual) woman who co-edited Bi Any Other Name. It’s a little fluffy and feel-good rah rah without any real statements about action… But, seeing as it was written in 1998 and delivered to the entire LovingMore conference, not a bad start.

Here’s something interesting I didn’t realize: One of the directors of LovingMore (and, I believe, Robyn Trask’s primary partner) is Latino: Jesus Garcia. Is there a respectful and non-tokenizing way to think about how this is relevant?

(And, as a total aside: Robyn Trask also has a son who, in addition to being – last I talked to him – basically a full-time poly activist…is also fuckin’ cute.)


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