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March 22, 2010

Poly PoC Links

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Three of Hearts: A Postmodern Family (IMDB)


A bit of Press:
(These two reviews specifically mention that Singh is Indian-Canadian; most don’t.)
LA Times review
Boston Globe review – “Perhaps the most provocative scene involves incredulous in-laws grilling Samantha — whose perplexed East Indian parents get less screen time than we’d like — about how she could not know which of the men fathered her first baby, and why she’ll probably delay a paternity test until it’s time to have another child.”

Sarojini Sahoo – Indian feminist author.
– Her blog: Sense & Sensuality
– A post in which she mentions Three of Hearts and talks about Polyamory: The Marital Practice and Feminism (I) – “It seems that every great literary tradition, either in the Eastern or in the Western world, finds it especially fascinating to explore monogamy’s failures.”

Amrita Pritam – Prominent Indian poet. Sahoo alludes to her openly being involved in some type of non-traditional relationship, not clear if it’s poly. More research…
– A little discussion of both her work and this aspect of her romantic life here: Reflections (and questions) on Amrita Pritam.

(Question: Is there value in simply cataloging poly PoC who are famous public/historical figures? I know there are lists like this for various types of Queer folk etc and there seems to be value in that – but is it relevant to this particular project?)


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