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March 22, 2010

Poly PoC Resource List beginnings

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Here’s what I have so far:

revolutionstar experience – “Revolutionstar Experience is the effort we, as two queer political polyamorous people of color, put together to bring to our larger communities. It is our philosophy of detoxifying our people of color bodies, minds and spirits from oppression within and outside of ourselves.”
Defining Our Own Sexual Liberation – an article about the formation of Revolutionstar Experience written by its two founders/collaborators:
Ignacio Rivera – “is a Trans-Multi-Gender queer, Black Boricua, lecturer, poet, spoken-word performance artist and sex educator.”
YK Hong – “is a trainer, organizer, writer, leturer, artist and revolutionary dedicated to talking about accountability, anti-oppression, grasroots organizing and sexual liberation, particularly for people of color, queer and trans folks and poor communities.”

Poly Patao Productions “is dedicated to producing sex-positive workshops, performance pieces, play parties, panel discussions, teach-ins, social/political groups and educational opportunities that are specially geared toward queer women, transgender, multi-gender, genderqueer, gender non-conforming and gender variant folx of color.”

Shades of Poly – “For polyamorous queer, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and two spirit women of color. Shades Of Poly is a social/political/educational cluster of women loving many, finding community, educating others, connecting our lives to the world in a larger context, strategizing and having fun.” At The Center in NYC.

Poly People of Color – MySpace page for a Poly PoC support group in Atlanta. Doesn’t look too active. Most posts after 2007 are spam.

Khayr’s Blogtalk Radio Podcast – Call-in show. Seems like there’s a thread to follow here. (The YouTube vids seem like previews/ads for the podcasts.)
– YouTube Video: Polyamory, People Of Color, Tantra, Khayr & Blogtalk
– YouTube Video: What Kind of Relationship Are You In?
– YouTube Video: The Male Orgasm, Sexual Innergy & Polyamory
– Podcast: Polyamory Wet Wednesdays

These links aren’t all strictly geared exclusively toward polyamory, but they’re pointing toward it or are related to PoC who are doing poly activism. Starting points to do more research from. There might be a better way to keep track of this stuff… or something?

– Is there anything comparable to the NYC projects going on locally?
– When poly shows up in the mainstream media, how often are the people depicted PoC?
– Documentaries, movies, shows, etc. made for/ the poly community depicting PoC?
** (Samantha Singh in Three of Hearts?)

Okay, I gotta sleep.


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  1. Hey!

    We are the Atlanta based group with mostly spam after 2007 🙂 We are revamping and opening up beyond the ATL so please spread the word!

    Right now we are mostly a resource list via a goggle group and we have events in atlanta from time to time. Please join us and tell your friends!



    Comment by Poly POC — December 8, 2010 @ 3:11 pm | Reply

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