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April 14, 2010

Folks What Loves Me

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I’m feeling a touch of The Emo tonight.

I just got off the phone with Jackie, who’s flying to Austin to meet me for the weekend. Our birthdays are in the same week and, despite our respective jet-setting lifestyles, we’ve spent them together almost every year since my 23rd. That’s a bunch of years.

How can I have so many deep, loving, long-standing, emotionally intimate, intellectually fulfilling and spiritually inspiring friendships with so many amazing people…and still feel this empty and lonely sometimes?

It’s gotta be something chemical. Maybe. I dunno. Maybe it’s just part of the human condition. Whatever that means. Meh.

Anyway. The Emo seems to be going around tonight (if Facebook is any indication.) I’m sure it’ll blow over. I just need snuggles and to be around people who find me delightful. It’ll be good to be in Austin soon and to see Jackie, Whitney and Deke.


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