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June 30, 2010

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Rebecca C ‘s mother just drunk dialed her boyfriend.

…and left a literally fifteen-minute long verge-of-tears voicemail, in three parts, about how she just doesn’t understand this “polyamory thing,” wants to know how he REALLY feels about her daughter, and begs him – if his apparent need to “experience all the women of the world” means he can’t make a “deep commitment” – to please “set her free” to find a man who will marry her and have babies with her like she deserves. (She also made sure to mention, at least eight times, that I hadn’t put her up to this – poor thing.)

Kids, we need a Poly PFLAG, stat.

In the interim:
PFLAG Phoenix
Boulder PFLAG
PFLAG National homepage

I’m frustrated because there are a ton of resources out there for poly parents about how to talk to their kids, but I can’t find anything – beyond the occasional personal blog coming-out story – for poly kids about how to talk to our parents.

If nothing else, I’d love a good way to derail the “It’s just a phase. She’s experimenting!” argument. Look, I’m 28 years old and I’ve been openly bisexual and poly for thirteen of those years. If I’m experimenting, then this is one hell of a longitudinal study and I should be getting some damn funding.

I did think this was cute though – partly because I am a huge dork and I, like my Mom, love Fidder on the Roof: The Bintel Brief – Help! My Daughter is Seeking an ‘Open Marriage’


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