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July 2, 2010

Incidentally: The time tags on my posts are all out of whack.

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The Internet is not providing sufficient emotional sustenance this evening. I need a snugglebuddy.

However, it does appear to be Callers With Adorable Problems night on the SavageLovecast this evening.

I’ve been dealing with this shit with my mom for two days straight and I’m worn out. I’ve been exchanging e-mails with a volunteer mother at the Phoenix PFLAG. She’s been very welcoming and encouraging and I want to put the two of them in touch, but we hit a snag today because Mom doesn’t have her internet hooked up yet and the volunteer lady “doesn’t really do telephoning.” Um…Huh? I mean, I get it. I hate the phone, too. But if you’re the outreach person for a support group-type organization in a major metropolitan area, maybe you should…get over it? Not that I’d wish phonecalls from my mom on my worst enemy. Whatever. I’m so tired. I was falling asleep on the keyboard at work today. I finally just gave up, came home and took a four hour nap. This was dinner: Cold tortillas and hummus. A bowl of Cheerios. A hardboiled egg. Cookies.

Where are my roommates, anyway?

Hah! Dan Savage just prefaced a suggestion that the caller’s partner might’ve been sexually abused with, “I hate to sound like Dr. Drew, but…” Awesome. (I can’t stand Dr. Drew, but that’s a post for another time.)

ETA: The roommies are home (they went to a ballgame) and now we’re all sitting around the table listening to Dan Savage together. Aw, domesticity.


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