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July 6, 2010

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I’m taking a half-hour lunch break.

I’ve been bizarrely on task and accomplishing stuff for the past few days. It’s a good feeling, but not a manic one. The other day, my mad scientist friend Lafe described research to me as “non-linear work.” He was explaining that, in most types of work, there’s a direct correlation between how much you do and how much you produce – whereas, in research, you might do something for weeks or months on end that turns out to be a total wash, but then one really good hour can set your work ahead five years. There’s a bit of plug-and-chug labor involved, but there’s also a lot of letting ideas percolate in your subconscious required, plus some sheer serendipity. Granted, he does high level physics research for the government and I study middle school students, so we’re not exactly dealing with the same scope of conceptual abstraction here. Still, I’d never thought of it that way before and it makes a lot of sense. (It also makes me feel a little better about the amount of time I spend staring mindlessly into space. By which I mean Facebook.)

I’ve also been swimming a lot and writing so much that my hand is cramping. I filled up my last notebook, the one Jackie got me for my birthday, so I got a new one the other day. It’s 8.5 x 11″, bright red and brandnew shiny, with delicious, heavy, creamy white pages; I can’t decide if I want to write in it, hug it, or eat it. In quiet gray text on the title page it says, Name/Nom and Adresse/Address and in inky black ballpoint, “Rebecca. Wherever.


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