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July 12, 2010

Speaking of Which.

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So this happened: Call for Thoughts: Poly People of Color

And then this happened:
Update: If it were possible to truly retract a blog post, I would want to do so with this post. But it is not, and I have a moral problem with deleting pithy comments such as those below. I am leaving this post up as a lesson in what not to do, and as a starting point for conversations.”

I’m just starting on the comments now:

Katie I guess I’m wondering why you want POCs to join your movement, when the experiences of deep racism I’ve had in majority-white movements indicate that your time would be far better spent addressing the racism of your own spaces, for your own good and that of the POCs who already exist there. Groups with a real commitment to antiracism tend to diversify more organically. From my perspective, it serves only you, and not us, if we join you as opposed to carving out our own spaces that fit our needs.

This whole blog looks pretty interesting, actually. Written by a poly organizer in the Bay Area who’s evidently published a number of journal articles about polyamory and bisexuality. Maybe once I get my own paper done and have time to fuck off on the Internet again…

Meanwhile The Philosophy of Non-Monogamy still hasn’t updated. Her last post – from mid-May – requested people who read her blog to follow it or e-mail her. Aug’s theory is that she got so much more of a response than she expected that she got overwhelmed and blocked… Which is too bad, because she used to update almost every day and it was some good shit.

Makes me both curious and afraid to know who/how many people are reading this blog – since I do more-or-less feel like I’m just talking to myself here. And I’m kind of okay with that.


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