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December 22, 2011

Notes to Self

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Here are some things I WANT to write about:

– Identity, planeswalking and the provenance of bodies
– The difference between planeswalking and being a chameleon (with a little bit on how to spot a planeswalker and why you might want to)
– An exploration of the intersections between maymay‘s ideas about marriage as an emotional validation racket and relationship labels as drag
– using gender as a criteria for boundaries; why we do it, how it’s problematic, what we might do differently to achieve the same (or better) ends (with some exploratory discussion of my own fuzzy gender-based criteria for romantic and/or sexual partners and what the hell is up with that)
– a discussion of how i describe my relationships in the context of “
The Three Ts” articles
– some “hard radicalism” around the notion of oppressor identities as inherently debased (and maybe an essay on what hard radicalism is and why it gets me in trouble)
– i suppose i could write something about, y’know, what i’ve been up to lately. but i probably won’t.

I realize that these sort of posts are traditionally lists of things I won’t ever actually write. But I have a four day weekend coming up and I’m setting an intention to devote some of that time to writing theory. (And some of it to writing my mother an e-mail telling her I don’t want to have any contact with her for a solid year. :/ Doing that is so scary, I might just find myself writing theory to procrastinate…)


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