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December 25, 2011

Statement of Purpose

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I’m going to try and post at least something here every day. Just a few notes on what I’ve been thinking that day, if nothing else. I probably won’t, but I’m setting that as an intention. Writing regularly is a form of self-care for me and my goal is to spend the next year doing extreme self-care.

I want to use this space to start doing some work. I feel like it’s been an effective space for that in the past. In this case “work” means fleshing out some of the theoretical social and political ideas that have been collecting like dew in my head, on my notebooks, in conversations and interviews and scribbled notes and quick txt messages sent to my inbox for the past couple of years.

This means I’m also asking the universe to bring some of my intellectual co-conspirators out of the woodwork to collaborate with and challenge me here. Some of you I talk to in person on a regular basis, others I’ve had very little interaction with over the past couple of years.

I’m going to try my best to limit this blog to what I’m thinking, and focus on writing about how I’m feeling over here. (Feel free to send me a Friend request over there if you’d like to read it. You’ll need a LiveJournal account.) Of course, they inform each other and there will be some overlap. But it’s more that I want to try and distinguish between theorizing and emotional processing – although, of course, there will be some overlap there, too…

Case in Point: I feel pretty vulnerable doing this, because of that perennial fear…that people I’ve been close to and am vulnerable to will read it and tell me they hate me or that I’m crazy. This has happened more than once and it makes me want to curl up and hide every time. But I also really want a space where I can engage with the work of other people online and engage with other people online about my work, because I don’t think my ideas are going to improve otherwise. (One of the reasons I’m sort of asking the people who tend to understand me best to come hang out with me here is so that I feel like there are people out there reading who have my back.)

So, that’s that then.


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