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January 27, 2012

“Back in the day when we were trippin’ on Heidegger…”

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P.S. Reading the description and particularly the “Interests” list of that old LiveJournal gave me so much warm-fuzzy nostalgia for the time in my life when I was immersed in community and conversing daily with other, well, psychonauts.

I’ve never used that word to describe myself before. But that is what I’m doing, isn’t it? That’s what I’ve always been doing. I guess it should’ve been obvious. There’s no way I’d be so tight with Matthew otherwise.

“[Psychonautics] may combine ritual, fasting, and hallucinogenic substances.” Huh. You don’t say.

I mean, maybe the reason I’m doing it is because of the identity-destabilizing relationship I had with my borderline mom. Or maybe I’m simply doing it because I’m good at it, but the way she influenced my psychological development is what made me so capable. Or maybe I’m just lucky. Or unlucky. Or both.

But one thing I’ll say is that I definitely feel lucky that there was a time in this short life, even just a few years of it, when I had a group of people around me who were dealing with a similar blessing|curse and we loved each other.

Interests (36):
“authenticity”, aesthetics, analytic philosophy, anything but analytic philosophy, bad jokes, being and timers, burnt toast, eye contact, foolishness, gossipy love bullshit, laughter, logic, meaning, multiplicity, nonverbal communication, ontology, parallel vocabularies, phenomenology, postmodernism, pretentiousness as play, probably some philosophy, psychoanalyzing simon sparks, puck, reciprocity, recurring eternally, romanticism, sharing food with friends, slumber parties, slumming at the sundowner, smartness, snowboarding, talking until sunrise, the tao, tongue-in-cheek elitism, trickster myths, waking-up in new places


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