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April 28, 2012

Iterative Incompleteness

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Hm. I wonder what would happen if I just took some of the notes I text to myself all day and posted them here as is, rather than sticking them in a “Writing Notes” folder as fodder for blog posts I’m supposedly going to write some day and never do. Maybe having them somewhere I could reference would actually be more conducive to eventually writing said blog posts (or deciding I don’t need to.) The ideas might not make as much sense as they would if I took the time to contextualize and explicate but…whatever. I mean, what do I think this is, anyway?

These ideas are works in progress.

Here’s one from this afternoon:

The question is not: Is This Problematic? Yes, it’s problematic. We live in an oppressive systemic structure and, especially as people with any privilege in that structure, almost everything we do, think, say, read, watch, see and feel is going express of some kind of complicity in oppression culture.

The question is: In WHAT WAYS is this problematic? What impact is engaging with it in this way having on me, on the people I love, on my greater community, on people with less power along this vector than me, and on society in general to the best of my knowledge? What work am I doing around improving that knowledge? And how do I feel about the choices I’m making re: navigating (practically and emotionally) my interaction with this particular piece of culture, given the understanding that I can’t do everything by myself and that simply by being alive in the world I am necessarily going to hurt people?

Doing that kind of analysis is a lot of work and we don’t have the processing power to do it about everything in society all the time — but know WHY you’re making the choices you are about where to focus your awareness. Understand your methodology. Accept that you’re necessarily going to cause some destruction by living. Have the integrity and grace not to be in denial about that and to sit with genuine grief and despair around it sometimes. If “life is suffering”, then it is not only our own suffering but also other peoples’ suffering as caused by us. Everyone who’s alive in the world has to struggle with this, though. Take some solace in that.


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