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October 26, 2012

Metamour Intensive – Tomorrow!

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Want to know what Common Poly Wisdom™ has to say about metamour relationships — and why I think we can do better? I’ll be presenting my Metamour Intensive at Transcending Boundaries 2012 tomorrow, 11:00am, Room 4 of the Mass Mutual Center. If you’re anywhere near Springfield, MA, come check it out!

Metamour Intensive (Rebecca Crane): As polyamorous folks, we talk a good game about our relationships with our “metamours”: people with whom we have a partner or partners in common. For many of us, a cornerstone of our polyamory is having caring, appreciative, and mutually-supportive metamourships. But poly communities don’t talk much about HOW we develop and maintain these relationships. Meanwhile, mainstream culture tells us that our lover’s other lover is someone we should dislike and distrust. How do we make the leap from “threat” to “family member”? How do we stay connected to our metamours when relationship troubles hit? Why do metamour relationships even matter? In this hour-long Metamour Intensive, we’ll dig deep into the nature of having and being a metamour. Drawing on the challenging work of Franklin Veaux, Maymay, and David Jay, we’ll discuss what metamour relationships are and WHY we don’t talk about them enough; share concrete strategies for building and facilitating healthy, fulfilling, stable metamour relationships; and untangle how normative cultural programming gets in our way. By the end, you will understand why strong metamour-relating skills are important not just to polyamory but for social justice work as a whole.

Or you can just wait with bated breath ’til I post a recording online. 😉


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