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December 1, 2012

In Which I Foreshadow a Larger Work

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I have this old friend from college who’s a real animal lover. She also likes to eat meat. The way she resolves this contradiction within herself — as many people do, I’m sure — is by pretending that meat doesn’t come from animals. She’s happy to chow down on some delicious ribs or a turkey sandwich as long as you don’t remind her that what she’s eating used to be an adorable living thing.

I love my friend. I think she’s very sweet and a better person than me in many regards. But, I’ll be honest, I find this “chicken strips grow on trees” mentality patently ridiculous. If you can’t stomach the idea of killing a conscious being for food, or that you’re paying someone else to kill one for you, don’t eat meat.

This doesn’t mean that nobody should eat meatI eat meat pretty much every chance I get. If that’s a kind of food you need to feel happy and healthy, go for it. If it’s too hard to figure out how to survive on a vegetarian diet or more expensive than you can afford, I get that, too. Maybe you feel like eating meat is an inescapable and important part of the human experience. Fine. We grow up in a meat-eating culture, after all.

But in that case, let’s do the decent thing and let’s do it together when we can: Before we bite into that juicy, mouthwatering double-bacon cheeseburger, let’s bite the bullet and spare a thought for the creatures that have died so we could live.

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